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Customer reviews

  1. A glamorous pensioner

    I actually bought the Face Primer at Charity Shop. I’m blown away; it’s the best. I’m 70 and use some very expensive products this is the best yet. I’m now going to replace other makeup products with this brand.

    Mary Mckenning

    5 out of 5
  2. The Perfect Natural Look for Your Face

    I’ve been using this since it was launched, and I keep repurchasing it became it’s SO GOOD. Like a second Skin, although it looks like a BB cream it feels like a lightweight moisturizer on your face, nurishing leaving a fresh Glow.

    A little goes a long way and for a daytime look I apply it once, but for night time, I like to apply 2 coats, it’s easy to build yet it does not cake of feel heavy on the skin, it won’t block pores and I’ve never had a reaction, and my Skin is Sensitive.
    I buy colour medium and I’ve got naturally blonde hair with blue eyes and a warm skintone and it’s a perfect match!
    Also it has longevity as I never need to touch up.
    It’s a Keeper!

    Anna Coral

    5 out of 5
  3. Perfect!!

    I love this product, bought 2 originally & then another 2 when I realised how lovely it was & have continued to use this ever since, it’s got a natural look so I don’t wear any makeup during the day & I feel protected from the sun (I’m 60 so need to make sure I have spf on).
    Can’t recommend it enough (I should get shares in the company )


    5 out of 5
  4. Calming on my skin

    I have tried a lot of products to stop my irritation on my face nothing has worked . 3 days in and my skin is definitely calmer would recommend

    Michelle Featherstone

    5 out of 5
  5. High Density Colour

    I have been using indigo for 4 weeks and it’s my GO TO Eyeshadow now, move over all the rest! I blend with my finger for a daytime look and it lasts all day, the pigmented colour is perfect for longevity and it blends evenly.
    For a night time Intensive look I apply with an eyeshadow brush for a more full on look.
    It layers Nicely and looks rich and lasts!
    I will be ordering more colours as they are value for money as there is a lot in the stick


    5 out of 5