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Neat + Tidy Professional Cushioned Emery Boards- Caring For Normal Nails


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  • Description

    Our professional emery boards offer three customised grits to cater for each nail type to allow for gentle, effortless shaping and helping to eliminate any possible damage to the nail.


    • 3 customised grits to cater for each nail type; soft, normal or hard nails
    • Effortless shaping
    • Helps eliminate any possible damage or splitting to the nail
    • Suitable for manicures and pedicures
    • Additional cushioning provides greater ease of use and extra comfort

  • How To Use

    Using your correct grade of emery board, gently file in one direction. Avoid filing into the sides of the nail as these provide strength and support. Make the shape of the free edge reflect the shape of the cuticle. Toenails should be filed straight across to avoid ingrowing nails. Filing the nails as recommended using the correct grit will promote healthy growth.
    1. Use the sharp tip of the nail clippers to trim the nail to achieve your desired length.
    2. Follow with the correct grade Neat + Tidy Cushioned Emery Board for your specific nail type, gently filing in one direction.
    3. When filing, look at the shape from the front and the back to make sure all your nails are equal and groomed to perfection.

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