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Neat + Tidy Superfine Orangewood Sticks


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  • Description

    Our simplest tool for precision work. These professional, ultra-fine orangewood sticks feature an identical double-bevelled edge either end for precise cuticle care. Make quick and easy work removing polish from around the cuticle and sides of the nail, resulting in the perfect paint. Perfect for both manicure and pedicure.


    • Pack of 12 sticks
    • Ultra-refined orangewood stick
    • Double-bevelled edge at both ends to easily push back cuticles
    • Use to remove excess polish from the cuticle
    • For manicure and pedicure

  • How To Use

    To push back your cuticles
    1. Apply a thin layer of Nourish + Nurture Nail & Cuticle Oil to your cuticles to moisturise and soften them.
    2. Gently push them back with the bevelled edge of the Orangewood Stick.
    To tidy up polish application
    1. When tidying up your paint, it is helpful to have a Neat + Tidy Superfine Orangewood Stick ready soaking in Wipe + Erase Acetone Free Polish Remover to use when necessary.
    2. Wipe away any excess polish which maybe on the tip of the Orangewood Stick on a tissue or cotton wool to keep the tidying precise.
    3. Clean your Orangewood Stick by rubbing gently against a Neat + Tidy Professional Emery Board, ready to be used again for your next manicure.

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