Neat + Tidy Three Way Buffer


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  • Description

    Used to buff, smooth and boost shine, our three way buffer is all the natural prep and finish your nails will need when you’re on the go. Use alone for naturally groomed nails or as a prepping tool for creating the perfect smooth canvas before nail polish application.


    • Three way buffer to file, smooth and boost shine
    • Use alone for naturally groomed nails
    • Use as a prepping tool creating a perfectly smooth canvas before nail polish application
    • Can be used for nail art application

  • How To Use

    Gently BUFF the nail surface in one direction to help remove dryness and to even out ridges. Next SMOOTH the nail plate using short firm strokes. Finally add SHINE by applying short firm strokes over the smoothed nail surface.
    1. To create a perfectly smooth canvas for your polish application, first gently buff across the face of the nails using the BUFF side of the file to remove any dryness and even out ridges.
    2. Next smooth the nail plate by using the SMOOTH side with short firm strokes.
    3. Follow with your chosen prescriptive base coat and favourite Colour Confidence Nail Polish shade.

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